Thank you for your interest in our Home of Hope ministry.  This ministry developed out of seeking the Lord for the best way to reach the nation of Thailand for Christ.  The Lord spoke to me that first of all, we needed to think big.  We also need to listen carefully to His direction and make sure we are doing everything His way.  He showed me an image of a laser beam;  condensed light in a pinpoint of power.  This meant we would need to focus our efforts in very specific ways and in very specific areas. 

It has been on our heart to rescue unwanted, abandoned, and orphaned children.  The Lord made it clear to us that by focusing on rescuing hopeless children and giving them the love and hope they deserved, we would be raising up the next generation of leaders. 
One day, one of our Home of Hope children said to me, "Daddy, imagine what Thailand will be like when I am grown, when so many Home of Hope children are police, teachers, businessmen, government officials, and maybe even the prime minister.  Imagine how this country will change."  I was so excited that he too had the vision! 

I have never believed that institutionalizing children was the proper way to raise them; they need to see a proper example of a godly mom and dad.  Our method is to raise them in our home with the same love and care that we give our own children. 

We are presently raising support and searching for land to begin the first phase of the Home of Hope, which will also include a facility for Grace Christian School.  We intend to begin with two small homes, one for us and our children and one for another host family and more children.  As the number of children rescued grows, we will need to build more homes.  We intend to farm part of the land to help offset the needs of the families and staff as well as market the excess for extra income. 

"Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me."   Matthew 18:5

If you would like to help us rescue children that have been orphaned or thrown away and give them the love and hope they deserve, please visit our "Partnership & Giving" link to donate or to sponsor a child.  

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