As a small child I was very aware of God’s presence with me and felt that He had a special purpose for my life. I slipped away from God gradually over the years and eventually began to run away. 

I knew the way I was living was wrong but thought I had to straighten up before I could approach God.  I tried with every fiber of my being but could not seem to be “good.” I could not live up to the standards that religion had put on me as a child. So I gave up and just accepted the fact that I was lost.

In 1997 I was on one of my many business and pleasure trips to Thailand.  During this time the economy had crashed in Asia and eventually I lost everything. I felt I was going crazy; I had terrible bleeding stomach ulcers and nowhere to turn.

There was nothing left to do but cry out to God for mercy. Jesus came to me and comforted me. My ulcers were instantly healed, and He assured me he had never stopped loving me and had never left me or given up on me. For the first time in my life I truly asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. 

I began living the life that I had always been told a good Christian was supposed to live; I took care of my family, went to church and patiently waited for Christ to return.  I was totally and completely dissatisfied in my heart. I decided I was going to fast and pray for God to show me what I was missing.  I knew fasting was not a hunger strike to move God. I wanted to eliminate all distractions, spend the time fasting to prepare myself to hear clearly from God.
On the fourth day of my fast God showed me a very clear vision of His plan for my life. He put in my heart to take the Gospel to Thailand.

In the US I had watched Christian television for a couple of years and became so fed up with it.  It seemed that most of the ministers were just manipulating for money.  One day I was flipping through the channels and saw this country talking guy, he was speaking my language.  I thought, “Here we go again, another money grabber.”  I watched waiting for the “catch”.  At the end of the program he offered his materials and said “If you are financially unable to give, just ask for it” and he’d give the materials for free.  I almost fell off the sofa.  I thought, “Could this Wommack guy be the real deal?” I kept watching and learned so much about the love and grace of God.  I eventually learned about Charis Bible College and knew this was the place where God intended for me to go to be equipped for full time ministry.  There were so many miracles that took place in going to CBC, I can truly say that God guided me and provided every step of the way. 

I finished Charis Bible College in 2008 and worked for an additional year as an apprentice and was mentored by so many great men and women of God.  I worked for Andrew Wommack Ministries as facility manager for 2 years and saw a great example of humility and integrity in Andrew and many others that God put in my life while I was in Colorado. I was ordained for full time ministry on July 2nd 2009.

I moved to Thailand August 2009, our ministry is based in Nong Bua Lamphu, a city in the north east of the Isaan province. There are over 1000 children abandoned or orphaned every year in Thailand; that’s nearly 3 a day. 

The commission God has given me is to focus on rescuing every child that we can; raise them up with the love and hope that they deserve and we will be raising up the next generation of godly leaders. 

We are raising funds to buy land and build more housing, a Christian International School and also provide a facility for a Charis Bible College.  Our K-12 school will not only provide an excellent education with Christian based curriculum, but will be an amazing evangelistic tool to reach literally thousands of children.  We hope to offer the opportunity to teach and fill other staff positions to CBC graduates.  This will be a facility unlike anything Thailand has ever seen before.  I truly believe we will transform the culture of Thailand to become known as a country where Christianity is exploding.