Jeff and Mew DeVine

We are Jeff and Thanarat (Mew) DeVine. While working together in the ministry and through our friendship, we realized that we share the same vision, to reach the lost and to disciple everyone who is hungry for the word of God. We consider ourselves so blessed that God brought us together in life and in the ministry. We truly are of like precious faith. As a family we have given our lives to reaching the lost with the wonderful gospel of God’s grace and love. God has called us to minister primarily in the rural villages of the Isaan province of Thailand.

We also share the vision of the Home of Hope, through which we are rescuing abandoned, neglected and orphaned children. God has revealed to us that through the Home of Hope we will raise up a generation of Thai people that truly have a relationship with the Lord; this will not only affect their lives for eternity, but will also change the nation of Thailand.

We have seen the damage that religion has caused and how it pushes people away from a true relationship with God, so we focus on a relationship with Jesus Christ. We begin with teaching the little children that God made the world and everything in it, He loves everyone, He made a way for salvation for everyone who will receive it and God’s name is Jesus. It’s amazing to see the impact that this simple teaching has on the children.

We consider ourselves so blessed to be here reaching the lost and teaching the word of God, we are also blessed that our family is united in this ministry with the same vision and calling. We each have our own approach and gifts, but we use those gifts for the same purpose; to take the gospel where it has never gone before.

Arisa DeVine

My name is Arisa and I love being a missionary. Since I was five years old I knew God called me to be a missionary in Thailand. Since 2009 when we moved to Thailand to work on the mission field full-time, I’ve grown and learned more than I could’ve imagined. Everything I see and go through has been equipping and preparing me for the future.

I have many passions and platforms in which I use to glorify God. I love playing guitar. I also have a passion for fitness. With worship, God has blessed me with the talent to learn guitar. Worship has always brought me exceeding joy and made me feel God’s peace. He has also given me and my sister favor with people we meet. Everywhere we go we are asked to lead praise and worship, be it at churches, youth meetings, schools, or fun gatherings. I thank God that I’m able to praise Him using something I love which is playing guitar.

With fitness, I love to workout and educate myself on healthy living and eating. Soon, my sister and I go to study to become physical therapists. I want to help others learn how to take care of themselves physically and spiritually. Working out with others and helping them through physical therapy is another platform I can use to reach others for God.

Working with DeVine Ministries has blessed me in so many ways. Being with my family and working together toward the calling God has placed in our hearts cannot be any more fulfilling. I thank God for His plan for me, and I thank Him that I’m able to be a part of the staff in DeVine Ministries.

Ariya DeVine

My name is Ariya DeVine and I am a missionary in Thailand working with my family in DeVine Ministries. I believe I am called to educate others, especially young people, on how to take care of their bodies in able to live a more fulfilling life to serve the Lord.  Our bodies are God’s temple; He lives within us, and I believe we must take care of ourselves to the best of our ability- our spirit, soul, and body. We must not hinder God working through us by not being able to physically accomplish His plan. I love informing others on how to work out, the benefits of therapeutic performances, and the importance of proper nutrition. My sister and I are going to major in Pre-Athletic Training (physical therapy), to equip us for teaching in the Home of Hope's sports department, and will also attend Charis Bible College. I feel I am capable of doing so many things, because that is what it takes to be an effective missionary. Missionaries specialize in not specializing, so I am willing to have God work through me in many areas, not just physical education.

I love music, I play guitar, and I also love working with my hands. My hobbies include vocational activities: using my skills to build things, and I like to impart this to others and my foster siblings. I am very thankful to be part of the staff in DeVine Ministries.

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